Here you’ll find some advice and help with how to look for jobs, writing CVs (curriculum vitaes) and looking for appropriate work experience / internships / apprenticeships as well as whether or not to disclose your autism diagnosis to an employer.
Looking for work can be stressful, particularly for those on the autistic spectrum. 

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Disclosing your autism diagnosis at work

It’s often hard to understand the benefits and drawbacks of disclosing at work or when applying for work.
You may be thinking about whether your employer and colleagues will understand and react to your disclosure in a positive way.

The benefits of disclosing:

  • Employers are legally obliged to support you and make reasonable adjustments.
  • There may be better understanding from your colleagues and manager.
  • You won’t have to try and hide that you are autistic. 

The risks of disclosing:

  • You may be met with a lack of understanding and adjustments.
  • You may be worried about prejudice from your employer.
  • You may find it more difficult to fit in with your colleagues. 

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