Photo: wooden models crafted by people who use our services

Our innovative enterprise activities give people we support the opportunity to be part of a team, have a role in meaningful projects and meet local people in their community.

A variety of enterprise ventures are happening in some of our adult services, as well as our school in Yorkshire, Robert Ogden School. The partnership between the school and our services led to them being awarded the NAS Autism Professionals Award for Inspirational Education Provision in 2015.  

We are constantly looking to create new opportunities for the people we support and the wider autism community, and are flexible to ensure that they are inclusive, resourceful and stimulating for each individual.

Making the most of our links with the autism community, we offer local artists a platform to showcase their work or share it with people we support in workshops, such as in our day service and gallery in Leicestershire. People we support in Yorkshire grow produce in their orchards and vegetable gardens to make jams and chutneys, those at our day service in Greater London run a café and their own market stall, and we’ve supported a man in Scotland to open his own glass works company.

Our enterprise ventures are a testament to the potential everyone we support has to achieve. 

Enterprise projects