Our New Ground horticultural project in Caerleon, Newport, helps autistic people to experience and develop skills in ground cultivation and maintenance in an enjoyable and supportive setting.

The project is set in the grounds of Orchard House, a large detached premises set in spacious grounds. Trainees learn to use industrial equipment and maintain the whole grounds, including an apple orchard. They also work in the community by helping to maintain the grounds of the local golf club and supporting the local 'Caerleon in Bloom' scheme. Other activities include producing hanging baskets, growing a range of vegetables and developing carpentry skills to build bird and bee boxes.

During the summer we hold open days to promote the project, at which these home-made and home-grown items are displayed.

We support people with autism using specialist, innovative and internationally-recognised models of good practice. We encourage everyone at the project to gain accreditation for their achievements through the Open College Network Wales (Agored Cymru). Units can include horticulture and carpentry.

The support we offer

  • Individual training packages that give each person the chance to experience and enjoy a range of work experiences.
  • The training and support that each person needs to practise and develop their skills and become part of a team.
  • Recognition for each person's achievements by registering them on an accredited vocational course.
  • Raising awareness of autism in the local community.

Person-centred approach

I am thrilled we have finally found a place for our daughter that can support her.


Our expertise and experience helps us to communicate effectively with people with autism so we can fully understand what they want and need.

We work closely with each person to create their own support plan and put it into practice – this is a vital part of our work as it means that the person with autism has every opportunity to develop and thrive.

We also include family, carers and friends in the planning process.

Our team

Our staff have a range of specialist knowledge that enables them to offer the right tailored support to each person with autism and help them to fulfil their needs and wishes. Our staff receive ongoing autism-specific training, which continues right through their career.