Our social groups provide support to people with autism in overcoming their social isolation. In partnership with Stirling Council we run groups for young people and adults in the Stirling area. Our social groups provide a supportive environment in which people who have high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome aged 16 and over can come together and enjoy a wide range of social activities.

Group members decide together what they would like to do, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Activities may include trips to the cinema, theatre, pubs and restaurants, or sports and outdoor activities.

Each group is free to join but members must make their own transport arrangements and pay for their own activities and refreshments.

I appreciate this social group so much. My son still gets lonely at times but without this group things would be so much worse.


Our team

Our staff are trained, qualified and experienced in working with people with autism. We are sensitive, professional and highly-motivated, and we understand the variety of challenges that may face someone living with autism. We use a range of approaches including the NAS SPELL framework and TEACCH to provide structure and a means of clear communication. Stirling Council recognises the need for specialist services for people with autism within the local community. By partnering with The National Autistic Society Scotland it has enabled the needs of local young people and adults with autism to be met.