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Support in your home

Without the right support, autistic adults can find it difficult to live in their own homes. We help adults to enjoy independent lives, either living on their own, with others, or in purpose-built properties. Our fully-trained staff provide a flexible level of support for everyday tasks. For people with more complex needs, we can deliver a comprehensive 24-hour care package.

The support we offer

We provide structured support with day-to-day living and help people to learn essentials such as selfcare, laundry, cooking and budgeting. We also assist people to get out and about in the community, making the most of local facilities and social, educational and employment opportunities. We work closely with housing associations and local authorities to deliver support but also work directly with individuals and families who need our help.

Person-centred approach

No two people are alike, and nor is the help we provide. We tailor our support package to each person’s needs, working closely with them to find out what will help them. Our experienced staff support and guide each person and encourage them to develop skills they need to live independently and take part in their community. We hold review meetings whenever they are needed and encourage the people we support, and anyone involved with their well-being, to attend these.

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Our team

Autism presents us all with complex challenges, so we train our staff thoroughly and continue to develop their expertise throughout their careers. They understand the best ways to support people with autism, and use their own experience and tried and tested approaches such as SPELL and TEACCH to establish effective communication and provide structured support.

How to access our support

Support in your home can be paid for through a number of funding streams. Visit our benefits and care page for more information.

One-to-one support 

Our flexible outreach service helps adults with autism to take part in activities both in and outside their home, build their confidence and become more independent in all aspects of life. For example, we can help people to take part in their favourite sport or attend a college course.

The support we offer

Our service is tailored to people’s needs, so support may be long term or short term. Our aim is always to help people to live as self-sufficiently as possible. We offer support to people in:

  • their own home
  • the family home
  • the community
  • a university, college or other educational setting
  • in the workplace.

All our work is underpinned by tried and tested approaches designed specifically for people with autism.

Individual packages include support with:

  • goal setting
  • general issues relating to autism or Asperger syndrome
  • strategies to keep safe
  • maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • participating in the community eg shopping, attending college or university, using healthcare, leisure facilities and public transport
  • independent living skills and household management skills eg planning and budgeting
  • developing social skills
  • independent living
  • maintaining employment or voluntary work
  • creating and maintaining social relationships.

Our team

Our staff have a range of specialisms and knowledge so we can offer the right support to each person with autism and help them to fulfil their needs and wishes. All our staff receive autismspecific training, which they build upon throughout their career.

The staff are very nice and they help in any way they can.

Person we support

Person-centred approach

Our expertise and experience enable us to communicate effectively with people with autism so that they can express what they want and need. We work closely with each person to create their own individual support plan and put it into practice. We see it as vital that the person with autism is at the centre of our planning process so that they have every opportunity to develop and thrive. We also make sure that family, carers, friends and support staff are fully involved in the planning process.

How to access our support

You can pay for our one-to-one support in a number of ways. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.