A list of the NAS Academies Board of Trustees and their backgrounds.

Janet Corcoran (Chair)

Mother of an adult child with autism born in 1978, who now lives more independently than we ever thought possible, I was a mainstream primary school teacher from 1969 until I retired some five years ago, my last 16 years being as a Deputy Head teacher and SENCO. I have taught many children with autism. Secretary of the Lincolnshire Autistic Society for over 20 years, I run our local helpline for parents and professionals and I have been an NAS councillor since 1996 and a trustee from 1997. I am currently on the Services Quality and Development Committee and the Brand and Commercial Development Committee of the NAS board. We live in Donington, Lincolnshire where I am on a wide range of community and social welfare committees.

Dr. Carol Homden CBE 

My older adult son has a diagnosis of ASD and MLD and after many difficulties is now suitably placed in a residential care home in East Anglia. Professionally, I started my career by setting up print media enterprises in East Anglia before moving to London as a freelance arts journalist and editor. I then became Director of Marketing and Development at the University of Westminster, later moving to the British Museum in 1999 as its first Director of Marketing and Public Affairs. In 2003 I joined the Prince's Trust as Commercial Director before becoming in 2007 Chief Executive of Coram, the oldest Children's charity in the UK. When selected to chair the NAS Board of Trustees in 2011, I relinquished (after five years) being Chair of the Avenues Trust, a provider of residential community and domiciliary services for adults with learning disability. We live in north London.

Pamela Reitemeier

I have three children, one of whom has autism and is currently on transition to adulthood. Professionally, I work for a voluntary organisation in Hertfordshire - ADD-Vance - which offers training and support to professionals and parent carers on autism and ADHD. I am also networked with a number of autism-related parent carer organisations locally, including harc, our NAS Branch. Prior to this, I worked for UNICEF (UN Children's Fund) for over a decade in Africa, Asia and the UK in information/external relations/communications. I joined the NAS Council in 2004, acting as Senior Councillor from 2006 – 2012 when I sought election as a trustee (the Senior Councillor is constitutionally precluded from being a trustee). As a Trustee, I serve on the Services, Quality and Development Committee. I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

John Dickinson

My wife and I first came into contact with the NAS through its Helpline, seeking a professional autism diagnosis for our daughter. All of us are now lifetime members of the NAS.

My professional life began as a research mathematician, followed by university positions in the UK and overseas in accounting and financial research and teaching, finally retiring as Principal of University College Winchester, having previously been Chair of Glasgow Business School and Dean of the Faculty of Law and Financial Studies.

After initially serving as Councillor I was a Board member of the NAS for 9 years, latterly as Vice Chair and Chair of its Governance Committee. As an invited member of the Department of Health’s Advisory Committee I was closely involved in the formulation and implementation of the Autism Act. Between 2003/2011 I served as General Secretary of Autism Europe, and as a Trustee of Research Autism.

On retiring from the NAS Board I was made lifetime Vice President and am currently a Trustee of NASAT and a member of the Board’s Services, Quality and Development Committee.

Mike Sanchez

Mike is a chartered accountant with 20 years of practice and commercial experience having served on a number of boards and is currently employed as a Group Finance Director for a private group. He chairs the local governance body for Church Lawton School.

Mike enjoys playing sports, in particular football and has an interest in Astronomy.

Fleur Bothwick OBE (Vanguard)

Fleur joined Ernst & Young in 2007 and currently leads Diversity & Inclusive for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa – 70,000 people in 93 countries. This entails developing and driving D&I strategy through a broad stakeholder group focused on engagement, inclusive leadership and embedding D&I into how EY runs it business and thinks about its people. She was one of the parents that set up Project Vanguard, who then approached the NAS to win free school funding to open a secondary school for children on the spectrum in Lambeth.   In the past she has held a number of trustees’ positions including co-chair of Working Families until March 2013.

Ms Helen Roberts (TVS)

Helen has an expertise in financial policy and worked in HM treasury on public finance issues on a range of spending plans and policies including health, education and defence.

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