The NAS Academies Trust operates a network of free schools, including Thames Valley School and Church Lawton School. The Trust has developed key policies to ensure consistent high quality practice across the Trust. Each school develops their own procedures as an appendix to the Trust policies. Each school’s admissions policy can be found on the admissions page of their website. Other key policies are published below.

Anti-bullying policy NASAT 019 (pending ratification)

Assessment policy NASAT 006

Audited Accounts

Behaviour and RPI policy NASAT 004

Complaints policy NASAT 011

Curriculum policy NASAT 008

Data protection policy NASAT 017

Equal opportunities policy NASAT 010

E-safety policy NASAT 015

Exclusion policy NASAT 014

Health and safety policy NASAT 012 

School Visits and Trips Policy

Governance Plan and Scheme of delegation

Master Funding Agreement

Download our individual health and safety policies:

Personal and social development policy NASAT 009

Policy development policy NASAT 001

Quality monitoring policy NASAT 018

Recruitment Policy NASAT 003

Safeguarding children policy NASAT 005 - Church Lawton School

Safeguarding children policy NASAT 005 - Thames Valley School

Complaints Policy NASAT 011 - Church Lawton School

Complaints Policy NASAT 011 - Thames Valley School

SEND and inclusion policy NASAT 007

Sex and relationships policy NASAT 0133

Staff supervision and management policy NASAT 013

Supporting students with medical needs NASAT 020

Teaching and learning policy NASAT 022

Website policy NASAT 021

Please contact the school if you would like a printed copy of these or any other NAS Academies Trust policy.