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Our learning environment

Our school was purpose built for us in 2013, and we were able to design it to be the ideal place for children with autism. Our spaces were created specifically to help pupils and staff to feel calm and to work well together.

Our primary classes are all on the ground floor of the school, and our secondary classes are on the first floor, making everyone part of the school community. Each classroom has an individual room attached for when a child needs some time apart in order to learn successfully.

Throughout the school we have calming pods. The children like to come to these small semi-enclosed areas to relax or read.

Our soft play area will be completed shortly and will provide a safe environment for robust play.

In our dining area, your child can choose to eat in a pod, secure inside a curved wall, or they can eat sitting along our shared bench.

We use our main hall for all sorts of activities, including basketball, yoga and PE.

Outside we have several play areas where your child will do PE and sports, play football at lunchtime, or,simply relax or let off steam. In the coming year we are planning to raise funds to further develop our outdoor learning environment –  we are currently working with a specialist landscape designer to do just this.

We also use the leisure centre next door for swimming, trampolining and other sports.


"It’s a calmer environment. He has his own space and feels in control."