We acknowledge our responsibility for safeguarding and child protection. We recognise our responsibility to protect children from maltreatment, prevent impairment of children’s health or development, ensure that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care and take action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

Autistic children share the right of all children to protection from abuse. We know that autistic children are potentially more vulnerable, because they may find it difficult to communicate with others, struggle with social interaction or have difficulties understanding people's motives, they may be less able to report abuse and thus be more vulnerable to it. This necessitates greater vigilance among professionals in recognising, reporting and investigating potential signs of abuse as well as ensuring that safeguarding issues remain on the agenda when working with autistic children and young people.

Our policy applies to all staff, volunteers and governors. It is acknowledged that the role of the governors will be a monitoring and supporting one whereas staff will be actively involved in the management of safeguarding and child protection issues on a daily basis.

If you have a concern that a child is being harmed, is at risk of harm, or you receive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) you must contact one of the designated safeguarding leads as quickly as possible. You will find the names of these members of staff below.

Download our Interim Addendum to Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure 

Download our Safeguarding Statement

Download our safeguarding poster for further information:

How to keep children safe in education - What you need to know

Designated safeguarding lead
Kari Anson
T:01189 424750
E: karianson@thamesvalley.reading.sch.uk

Jo Galloway

E: jogalloway@thamesvalley.reading.sch.uk

Jessica Brooks
E: jessicabrooks@thamesvalley.reading.sch.uk

Chair of governors and nominated governor for safeguarding and child protection
Helen Roberts
T: 01189 424750
E: helenroberts7777@gmail.com 

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
Team approach
T: 01189373555

Children’s Social Care – for reporting concerns READING
Single point of access
T: 01189373641
E: childrenssinglepointofaccess@reading.gcsx.gov.uk
Emergency Duty Service – after hours, weekends and public holidays Out of Hours Service
T: 01344786543