Vision, mission, values


A positive school for children with autism

When your child comes to Thames Valley School, they will be surrounded by children and adults who understand autism, and who celebrate them for who they are. They will be taught and supported by knowledgeable, committed and experienced people who believe fully in their potential.

Our vision

Our school’s vision is for every child with autism to have the same opportunities to learn as other children.

Our mission

We want every child who comes to Thames Valley School to learn to live well with their autism, and to thrive academically and personally.

Our high quality, specialist provision will give every child at Thames Valley School access to an effective and suitable education.

We will help students develop a solid foundation of skills so that they can play their part in society and prepare for further study, university and employment.

We seek to excite our students about school and learning by delivering a broad, flexible and challenging curriculum with inspiring learning opportunities.

Your child will gain the skills they need to learn well, understand their own challenges, and develop tool kits to help them through life, especially in times of change.

Your child’s learning will be truly personalised. It will build on their strengths and remove the barriers that prevent them from learning.

Our values

We believe that every person with autism should be able to live the life they choose.

To do this, they need access to a good quality education. Education is vital for making informed choices, seizing opportunities and being successful.

Every person with autism has the right to a good quality education.


MyProgress® is The National Autistic Society’s overall strategy for working with your child. With MyProgress®, we know that your child will have the best start in life because every aspect of their care and education is tailor made for them. MyProgress® guarantees that your child will use approaches that The National Autistic Society has tried and tested over many years: we know that they make a difference.

Find out more about MyProgress® here.


"I love it here because we can personalise the learning to the students."

Ruth, Secondary teacher

"He likes the fact that teachers get him, and he doesn’t get shouted at for stuff to do with autism."