Teacher explaining something to student

Our Staff

Our staff members are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to providing the best quality education to your child. Everyone who works at Thames Valley School is trained in working with autistic children.

We are a small, close-knit team, and we work together every day, sharing our expertise and observations to make sure that your child is happy, thriving and learning well.

Every child in our school has a learning mentor. Their mentor supports them in their daily lessons and helps them to carry out their programme so they get to know your child well. The mentor also talks regularly to you, involving you in your child’s progress and keeping you up to date.

If you would like to talk to any member of our staff, please contact the school office.

Name Role
Dr Khan The National Autistic Society Head of School Improvement and Operations
Mrs Roberts Chair of Governors
Miss Fulthorpe Director of Education
Miss Galloway Principal
Ms Chaston Deputy Principal
Miss Brooks Assistant Principal
Mrs Barnard Business and Finance Manager
Mrs Sidhu Business Support Coordinator
Miss Harrison Administrations Apprentice  
Mrs Miles Admissions Administration
Mrs Ralph Administrations Assistant
Mrs Parker Family Liaisons Officer  
Mrs Brohier Senior Learning Mentor 
Miss Frankfort Autism Lead Practitioner
Miss Johnston Assistant Psychologist 
Mrs Burnett Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Florence Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Miss Bray Primary Teacher  
Miss Buley Primary Teacher  
Miss Shuter  Primary Teacher 
Miss Daniels PE Teacher
Dr Kafka-Markey  Humanities/Drama Teacher
Mr Richens  Maths Teacher
Mrs Simmons  English Teacher
Miss Sproston  IT Teacher
Miss Brzezek  Art Teacher  
Mrs Wood  Life skills Teacher
Miss Bloomfield  Learning Mentor/Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Price Learning Mentor
Mrs Hancock Learning Mentor
Mrs Hawkins  Learning Mentor
Miss Hopkins Learning Mentor
Mr Kochar Learning Mentor
Mrs Murphy  Learning Mentor
Mrs Machin Learning Mentor
Mrs Dad  Learning Mentor
Mr Richard Learning Mentor
Mrs Killick Learning Mentor
Mrs Southern Learning Mentor
Miss Folwell Learning Mentor
Mrs Guy Learning Mentor
Miss Stearman Learning Mentor
Mrs Tyson Learning Mentor
Mrs Semmens  Learning Mentor
Ms Czydik Learning Mentor
Mr Holder Facilities Manager
Mrs Holder Facilities 
Mrs Oliver Facilities