Policies and procedures

Pupil working

Our policies and procedures

Thames Valley School has policies and procedures that set out how we work with you and your child. We are always happy to explain or discuss them with you.

Listed below are all the policies of the school. All policies are produced under the NAS Academies Trust and can also be downloaded from the Trust's policy page.

To request a paper copy of a policy, please contact the school.

NAS Academies Trust policies

All these general policies listed below are produced under the NAS Academies Trust and are available from the Trust's policy page.

Admissions policy

Anti-bullying policy
Assessment policy
Behaviour and RPI policy
Complaints policy
Curriculum policy
Data protection policy
E-safety policy
Equal opportunities policy
Exclusion policy
Health and safety policy
Personal and social development policy
Policy development policy
Quality monitoring policy
Recruitment policy
Safeguarding policy
SEN and inclusion policy
Sex and relationships policy
Staff supervision and management policy
Supporting students with medical needs
Teaching and learning policy
Website policy

Local policies and procedures

Charging and Remissions Policy