Moving on from Thames Valley School

Three boys leaving the school

When a child moves on from our school, whether at 16 or earlier, we will prepare them and their families for this transition and support them in becoming familiar with their new environment. Support is given in lesson time, through the MAST team and external providers as well as in practical settings.

Students attending Thames Valley come from a wide catchment and we are building links with colleges and other provisions in the students’ local areas to ensure that a smooth and supported transition post 16.

From year 10 students are given the opportunity to experience the world of work through visits to industry and local businesses and in year 11 students have the opportunity to take part in work experience to develop their skills and learn about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Support when your child leaves Thames Valley School

Many of our children will leave Thames Valley School to move into mainstream education, either at age 16 or earlier. We will prepare them for this transition, and support them in becoming familiar with their new environment.

We have links with Reading College and shall be developing some with East Berkshire College too, both which offer a wide range of courses and support.

Adult and community services

The National Autistic Society has many services which can help your child as they finish up their education and enter into adult life. The charity runs these services throughout the UK, and they include:

Outreach services

Supported living services

Residential services

Find out more about these services on The National Autistic Society’s website.