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To ensure that your child’s wants and needs are met as fully as possible during any period of transition, we have a thoroughly prepared way forward.

During their life at school, your child will regularly meet with their teachers and support team to communicate their views about their lives, their feelings and their hopes for the future. We encourage them to share these hopes, and to express preferences about the way they live their lives.

During and after these times of talking and sharing we will record your child’s views, so that their wishes and needs for the future are written down. Your child’s views and opinions are always expressed confidentially. This means that anyone who works with them in the future will, on request, be able to read about their daily life choices, likes and dislikes.

The move from primary to secondary school

We always make sure that movement from one phase of your child’s school life to another is managed sensitively, so that they can settle into their new setting easily.

Post-16 transitions

We are very experienced at preparing our older children for all types of transition, whether happening at home, in school, out in the community, or to a new placement. We know how to build up their confidence, and we are proud of what we have achieved for all our young people.

Post-19 transitions

Transitions for young people on the brink of adulthood are also done on an individual basis, so you can be sure that your older teenager receives personal attention.

We run parents’ workshops where we help you to look at the issues faced by your child when they move out of Sybil Elgar School and into the adult world. We run these workshops for providers of work placements and adult placements too.

Many of our students are now able to continue at Sybil Elgar School until the age of 22.