Residential care

Boy cooking with support

We give our residential students a warm, friendly and supportive home. Our care staff members are fully trained and they and the children get to know each other well. If your child decides to stay with us they will move seamlessly from home to school each day with our continual support, and, of course, we encourage you to phone your child and to visit as often as you like.

Key facts about our residential care

  • Weekly term-time or full time boarding
  • Short breaks in term time and holidays
  • Term-time tea visits
  • Up to 21 children, ages 11 to 19
  • Single bedrooms
  • Separate wings for girls and boys
  • All care staff fully trained in autism
  • Care and learning completely integrated
  • High staff to student ratio
  • Waking night staff
  • Close links to school and family
  • After-school club

You can find out about flexi-boarding in our residential accommodation online.

Read the 2012 Ofsted report on our residential care today.

Sybil Elgar House

Our residential house is on a quiet, leafy residential road in Ealing, four miles from school. Our experienced team continue to support your child using exactly the same programmes and approaches as the staff at school.

We keep one part of the house for girls and one for boys, although boys and girls can meet freely in the shared lounge and dining room. We ensure that all bedrooms are private but sensitively supervised. Your child will be able to observe their religious traditions at Sybil Elgar House.

There is a warm and welcoming catering kitchen, and our chef is the centre of life here. She gets to know all our children really well and is one of the most popular people in our home. All meals are freshly cooked and your child’s eating habits and customs are catered for. And they are encouraged to try new things when they feel able.

Our comfortable living room has plenty of space for everyone to relax in their own way or watch DVDs. The living area opens out onto a peaceful garden with lots of secure space for outdoor activities and areas to sit quietly. We have an exercise bike, games consoles and iPads for everyone to use, a well stocked library and networked PCs.

Our children travel to school and back on the special Sybil Elgar minibus, escorted by school support staff. Support staff also come to Sybil Elgar House in the mornings to help with breakfast, and they make the journey back to Sybil Elgar House with your child in the evenings.

As well as your child’s individual home/school file, we have a single log book that travels from school to Sybil Elgar House and back. Any member of staff can write important observations about your child’s day in this book. This means that we always know exactly what’s been happening during your child’s day when they come home to us, or what’s happened at home when they go to school.

After-school club

Every child at Sybil Elgar can join in with our term-time after-school club at Sybil Elgar House.

At the end of the school day, your child can take the school minibus, with support staff helping them, and travel to Sybil Elgar House. There they will be treated to a nutritious tea, with fruit, cake and biscuits, after which they can either relax in the house and garden, or go out into Ealing with a group.

Your child will share in the evening activities run at Sybil Elgar House. These might be within the residential house or part of the extensive community links programme, and will be designed to suit the needs of the individual.

You can then pick them up in the evening, whenever  suits you.

Social life and trips out

Since our Sybil Elgar House is within five minutes of Hanger Hill Park, we have good public transport links to the tube, buses and overground railway services. This means that Windsor, Kew and Richmond Park are easily within reach for daily trips out. All these places offer good leisure centres, including swimming pools.

Learning life skills

It is important to us that all our children learn life skills - your child will play a part in making their own bed, washing their own clothes in the machine, clearing tables to help the support staff and cooking their own meals. Even if this simply involves carrying a laundry bag, or learning to turn on a piece of machinery, there is something everyone can do to contribute to life in Sybil Elgar House.


"Being at the residential home has helped his motivation to be independent. He looks forward to going and does very well."

Parent, Sybil Elgar