Post-16 facilities

Key facts about our post-16 facilities

  • Specialist classrooms
  • Modern, multi-sensory dance and drama studio
  • Very well-equipped performance theatre space
  • Art room
  • Music centre
  • Newly refurbished catering-standard teaching kitchen
  • Newly refurbished, student-designed cafeteria and dining room
  • Outdoor leisure area
  • Sensory classroom

We are also developing a business enterprise facility where students can learn about the office environment and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Inside Woodlands Building

We use our impressive full-height atrium as a place for everyone to gather and socialise, and as a wonderful gallery for the art our student’s produce. The hall even transforms into a theatre, with a proper stage. We use it daily for dance, yoga and PE activities, as well as for termly performances.

This hall also houses a very inspiring new resource – our 3D floor projector. It creates interactive shapes and music for students to respond to and provides all the lighting for our theatre performances. Ask for a copy of the DVD of our latest summer show to see the creativity our floor projector inspires!

Our facilities include:

  • classrooms arranged around the hall - the space in each classroom is used flexibly to create an autism-friendly environment
  • a multi-sensory dance and drama room with a special dance floor which is in constant use as part of our popular performing arts curriculum
  • a bright airy café, with small lights set into the floor to guide students from the door to the counter
  • a modern, stainless steel kitchen, set up as a teaching area for our students, with a computer screen at each station so that they can follow cooking instructions
  • a well-lit art room containing a great range of materials
  • a music room offering all the instruments and recording facilities you could wish for
  • a comfortable, low arousal library.

You can find more information about the sixth form and further education department’s curriculum online

Outside Woodlands Building

Outside, we have created a calm, secluded courtyard and sensory area, providing a relaxing space for your young person. There is also a brand new communal area where we are in the process of creating an outdoor gym in consultation with the students.

We are within a few minutes’ walk of the centre of Acton, with its busy shops, leisure facilities, parks, public transport possibilities, market and cafés.  We offer your young person every opportunity to get out and about in Acton, with our support, perhaps taking part in selling items on our market stall or building their confidence in using tubes and buses and shopping for things they need.


"It’s a really nice place! Give it a go!"

Kane, post-16 student


"I feel it’s a bit grown up. I like it because it’s a big space, there are lots of trips and I have the opportunity to be a choreographer."

Paul, post-16 student