Learning and curriculum

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Putting your child first

We are always developing our curriculum so that it meets the specific needs of children with autism. The most important things we teach are self-confidence, empowerment, problem-solving, working together, self esteem and valuing others.

We are constantly aware of how your child’s autism affects their learning and experience of the world around them and we know that developing their communication, social and life skills will help them to learn better.

Every student at Sybil Elgar has a truly personalised curriculum and timetable. Your child learns at their own pace and according to their own needs and interests. We always find a way to deliver the learning your child needs.

Students learn traditional academic subjects alongside the life skills they’ll need to become confident young adults. At every stage, students have their own timetable, which we plan according to their ability, needs and interests.

The student’s timetable includes support from our resident psychologists, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist.

We teach all the academic subjects of the National Curriculum. Our long experience of teaching children with autism lets us deliver each subject in a practical and structured way that plays to the students strengths. Our students have a range of abilities and our high staffing levels mean we can provide small group teaching as well as individual support.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE), and Citizenship is an important part of our curriculum at every stage. Through it we introduce our students to life skills; when they enter Key Stage 3 they will learn about careers, work experience, and sex and relationship education. Our sixth form students are offered an enriched creative and expressive arts curriculum which looks to extend the talents and enjoyment that our young people gain from performing – this may also include composing music, touring local schools with the school band and recording at the famous Chiswick Studios.

Many of our older students take qualifications such as GCSEs, nationally recognised QCF and have the opportunity to achieve the OCN qualification in ITC at the local college.

Where appropriate students are set homework. We encourage you to share and contribute towards your child's home learning and we are available to support you in this.

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