Student council

Two boys smiling at the camera at Sybil Elgar school

Our school council

At Sybil Elgar School, we encourage your child to make their opinions heard through whatever communication method they choose. We listen carefully. That’s why we have a school council.

Each class sends a representative to the council. The representative brings issues for discussion back to their class and every class member is encouraged to contribute to the discussion, understanding it and making choices about what they prefer.

Representatives use different means of communication: some speak, some use symbols and some use an advocate to speak for them. The representatives vote for their chair. The below is an example of what has been discussed.


We are the school council. We meet every term with our teachers to discuss things that interest us.

Here are some of the things we’ve discussed at our secondary site:

  • what sort of outings we’d like
  • having more discos
  • what kind of new playground equipment we’d like
  • asking for a chocolate bar machine for everyone to use.

In the sixth form and further education department we’ve discussed:

  • the design of our new common room, and what we’d like in it
  • setting up our student-run radio station
  • providing hot meals during the school day
  • the design of our new outdoor gym and the kind of equipment it should have.


In addition, some members of our school council are also Young Campaigners for The National Autistic Society