School's special areas of expertise

Boy performing at Sybil Elgar school

A caring, accepting environment

At Sybil Elgar we specialise in autism. Here your child will find an environment in which they can grow in confidence, learn and achieve.

We have an international reputation for providing care and education to young people with autism, and we never stop looking for effective ways of helping our children. This means that Sybil Elgar School is a rewarding place to be for everyone involved. 


"Thanks is not enough, when someone cares the way you care."     

Parent, Sybil Elgar

An enriched curriculum for everyone

What makes Sybil Elgar special? We find ways to allow your child to learn, in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Everything we do is centered on your child. We make sure that our curriculum meets their specific needs and our multi-disciplinary team will closely support their learning in communication, social, behavioural, emotional, sensory, physical and self-help skills. At our school, your child will learn to develop a sense of self worth and self respect. We cater for a wide range of talents and abilities and are dedicated to helping every child along every step of the way.

The performing arts

In addition to our specially-adapted academic curriculum your child will find new opportunities and passions throughout their time at school by learning to express themselves through music, dance and art.

We offer an extensive performing arts curriculum at our main school and in our 16-22 department to help our young people find fulfillment and achievement, from taking part in shared dance and music activities to performing in front of others.

Find out more about our academic and performing arts curriculum online.


"We’d like to say thanks to you and everyone involved… and share with you our satisfaction on seeing how happy he is about his school."    

Parent, Sybil Elgar