How do The National Autistic Society’s schools support children with special educational needs?
Since we started providing autism-specific education over fifty years ago in 1965, we have developed our education offer into a diverse network of independent and free schools, and programmes which are relied upon by hundreds of people across the UK.

Eight autism-specific schools have opened, six of which have an independent status and two of which are free schools. Our independent schools are funded by individual fees paid by local authorities and governed by our board of Trustees.  Free schools are state-funded schools, established in response to local needs.


We are specialists. We provide support and education for young people on the autism spectrum and we are focused on their progress. MyProgress® is the name of the overall strategy for working with your child that The National Autistic Society’s schools offer. With MyProgress®, your child will have the best start in life because every aspect of their care and education will be tailor-made for them. MyProgress® guarantees that your child will use approaches that we have tried and tested over many years: we know that they make a difference.

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We have a pioneering, innovative and flexible approach to education. When delivered by our highly trained staff and tailored to each person’s needs, they can transform a young person’s life.

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Our independent schools

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Helen Allison School   Radlett Lodge School  Sybil Elgar School 

Our free schools (Academies Trust)

Thames Valley School   church lawton school