Thurnscoe Studios

"She was so excited about her dance exam, her dance classes are brilliant, just like all the staff at school. I am surprised she got to sleep at all last night as she was on such a high, the staff at the Studios must have done a brilliant job with her." A parent's comment to Ofsted.

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Thurnscoe Studios, located in the grounds of the school, is the latest addition to our residential service. It is the other part of our boarding provision. Boarding can be weekly (Monday night to Friday morning) or flexible. Unlike Thurnscoe House which is a more traditional home setting, the Studios have been developed to offer young people the opportunity to develop skills for independent living in adulthood. There are four self contained studios apartments, each of which have a living and sleeping area, kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. The service also has a communal kitchen, dining area and cinema room. Pupils at the Studios are given their own front door keys to promote their independence. The environment is safe and structured, but still homely. 

"Staff are well trained so that they are highly empathetic to the pupils’ individual needs. Pupils clearly benefit from this and are happy and safe, and enjoy normal teenage experiences. Pupils receive care from experienced staff, who are knowledgeable about ASD. The staff are skilled in providing bespoke packages of care specifically tailored to the pupils’ diverse needs. Consequently, pupils know how their day is structured and what to expect, which minimises any uncertainties and promotes their full engagement."  Ofsted.

Thurnscoe Studios Statement of Purpose

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