Thurnscoe House

‘It is fantastic, he is severely autistic and aggressive, he cooks, learns other life skills and I couldn’t wish for a better place. Staff are helping us at home with his self-care, I feel listened to and there is good communication.’ A parent's comments to Ofsted.

"The residential provision gives vulnerable pupils who have complex needs a nurturing and safe environment to live in. The high standard of care is an important part of their lives, whether pupils stay for short breaks or board from Monday to Friday."  Ofsted.

Thurnscoe House is one of our two boarding provisions, the other being Thurnscoe Sudios. Both are rated as Outstanding by Ofsted. Boarding can be weekly (Monday night to Friday morning) or flexible. Located in Thurnscoe village only a short distance from the school meaning transition times are short - just a matter of minutes. 

Thurnscoe House is a modern, comfortable home for up to six children or young people. It has a garden, recreational lounge, a large eat-in kitchen, five bedrooms and a self-contained apartment with separate access, designed either for a child who is uncomfortable with group living, or for a young person who would like to develop their independent living skills. The garden is large with a very attractive selection of modern play equipment.

"Parents are really positive about the progress pupils make and frequently point out that staff know their children well and are very effective in how they support them. This includes the admissions process and support when pupils move on to college. Parents commented: ‘The progress he has made in such a short time has been amazing. Having never been in an educational setting, his transition from the home environment was coordinated with him at the centre and my input as a parent was always given much respect. I felt the staff worked with us and together we all made this as easy as possible for him,’ and ‘My child is leaving at 19 years, but school is really helping with transition to a new college, liaising and organising visits.'  "  Ofsted

Both Thurnscoe House is equipped with everything your child needs. Televisions, games consoles and computers are all provided so that your child can do their homework, enjoy their free time and feel completely at home. 

"I think he likes it more than home."  Parent

Thurnscoe House Statement of Purpose

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