Inclusive Learning Hubs

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Our Inclusive Learning Hubs   

"We owe a debt of gratitude to the Robert Ogden School and staff. In particular Jilly Davis and her unit without which my son could not have moved forward and developed into the young man he has become. We will be forever thankful that Cole and Jilly came together, she is such an asset to the NAS."  Lin – a parent of a former pupil

Our Inclusive Learning Hubs cater specifically for children with extremely challenging behaviour and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). PDA is a part of the autism spectrum that leads to oppositional and defiant behaviour.

We asked some of the pupils what they thought of the Hub and here are some of their comments:

"Awesome, cool, wicked"

"Fab, boring at times, one of the coolest places"

"Good, exciting, understanding"

"I like leisure time, good staff, I like football training" 

The Hubs are two teaching areas and can cater for up to 8 pupils in each hub. Each hub has its own teacher. Each pupil has a minimum one-to-one support. The areas have been designed not just for pupils on the autism spectrum, but specifically for pupils with Pathological Demand Avoidance, for example the temperature of each room can be controlled by the pupil using the air conditioning which each room is equipped with. 

In the Hub we will teach your child individually, using a highly personalised timetable. Our teachers and carers know that progress depends on building a relationship that develops your child’s trust and confidence. They are able to offer you and your child a great deal of specialist experience, understanding and encouragement.

Some children will move from the Hub into the main school. Other children will use the Hub all the way through their school days.

"Since starting at the Inclusion Unit in January, he has a much better outlook on life and every day is not the constant battle it was before. He gets up without a struggle and is quite happy to come to school, he is now a much happier person all round."

Sharon – a parent. Read more from Sharon.

"He has been attending for two months now, he’s been in full-time education since something we thought would never happen."

Andrea – a parent. Read more from Andrea.

"Students who cannot yet access learning in the classroom follow an individualised curriculum which is closely related to their interests and capacities. This is delivered in a well-resourced inclusion unit with a view to students’ eventual re-integration, over time, into the classroom."

Ofsted 2011