Vocational learning and courses taken outside school

A wide range of outside opportunities

At Robert Ogden we always keep in mind that your child is preparing for life beyond school. That’s why we spend as much time as possible going out into our local community. By visiting shops, cafés, leisure facilities and by joining in with all sorts of local events we put our classroom learning into practice, using the life and academic skills we teach in school.

Just as importantly, your child will have the chance to learn and join other students in other services and amenities. This not only gives your child the opportunity to study a subject or do an activity that especially interests them, but also helps build their confidence and social skills.

By learning in a new place, your child will discover that they can make new friends, and that the learning they’ve done is flexible.

For example, we are exploring links with local mainstream schools with a view to building up inclusion opportunities. Pupils have found working with the Get Sorted Music Academy in Rotherham very successful and motivating, and others have loved taking FA football courses.

There is more information about outside opportunities on our Work Experience and Careers Page.