Student resources

Student at Robert Ogden School

We’ve chosen our resources carefully

All our classes have interactive whiteboards, allowing your child’s teacher access to an enormous number of autism-friendly resources. Whiteboards display information in a way that makes it easy for your child to participate in exploring a subject.

We have iPads available throughout the school. We encourage your child to experiment with modern tablet devices and learn new and rewarding ways to connect with the information they want.

There are also PCs and laptops in our classrooms and in our residential homes, allowing your child access to a great range of educational games, word and number programmes.

Our music rooms offer all kinds of instruments from tambourines to keyboards, and up-to-date recording equipment. In our art rooms we have paint, brushes, paper, scissors, glue and a wealth of craft materials to inspire and match your child’s enthusiasms.

We are very proud of our comprehensive sports facilities and our playgrounds are filled with autism-friendly equipment on which to swing and slide, or just sit and contemplate.