All children at Robert Ogden School have an a diagnosis of autism or associated condition, having impairment in the areas of language/communication, social awareness and imagination sensory differences. PSHCE is seen as a core subject offered at Robert Ogden School and begins when a child first enters school and continues until school leaving age.

Teaching programmes are planned to enhance the development of knowledge and understanding of attitudes and behaviours. We aim to incorporate all aspects of life, to develop emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills and abilities through a curriculum developed to meet the needs of autistic children or children on the autistic spectrum.

Enrichment and Enterprise activities give our learners the opportunity to develop the following key aspects:
• Problem solving
• Creative thinking
• Self direction
• Discovery
• Working as a group or in partnership with others

This time also enables learners to participate and experience new activities and skills which may challenge the individual child. We aim to make these activities enjoyable and of interest to them.

The Enterprise Scheme also looks at the world of work and enables pupils/students to contribute to making items or repurposing items that will be offered for sale at local fairs, markets or the Robert Ogden School Shop.


The PSHCE curriculum taught at Robert Ogden School is functional, realistic and relevant to the specific needs of autistic children or children on the autistic spectrum. The PSHCE curriculum aims to enable the children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. The acquisition of life and social skills is seen as an important aspect of the curriculum and therefore wherever appropriate, PSHCE skills are taught within this context. Teaching methods are practical, relevant and meaningful and where ever possible, set in real every day situations. The focus for learning identifies attitudes and attributes, skills and knowledge and understanding.


  •  To be included as individuals in the school and the community;
  •  To prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life;
  •  To develop an awareness of self and others;
  • To teach skills which help develop attitudes that other people acquire naturally as part of the growing up process;
  •  To develop coping strategies when dealing with the world in which we live;
  •  To develop skills that will enable children to integrate into the local community with the least support necessary;
  •  To teach where possible and in light of the individual child's level of understanding the written and unwritten social rules;
  •  To encourage appropriate behaviours and discourage those which are  inappropriate;
  •  To develop an awareness of the social courtesies which would earn our children the same respect and dignity as others and to develop the skills necessary to     enable our children to adhere to these social courtesies;
  •  To provide opportunities in which each child can have access to leisure activities;
  •  To encourage freedom of choice and for children to know their limits and when possible the consequences of their choices;
  •  To develop the skills necessary for children to interact with others and to develop and maintain relationships; both within the school setting and the local educational, shopping and leisure community;
  • To develop independence, self-confidence and self-esteem;
  •  Opportunities are offered across the curriculum to promote shared values and to help children to value differences, address prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.

Through the PSHCE curriculum taught at Robert Ogden School we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging and supportive learning environment with realistic and achievable targets for our children, taking into account their impairments in communication, socialisation and imagination.


PHSCE Policy