Vision, mission, values

At Robert Ogden School, we pride ourselves on our personal approach

We want your child to come to our school so they can learn to live confidently and happily with their autism. We know that every child with a diagnosis of autism is different.

Here is what we aim to offer your child:

  • the opportunity to learn in a school that is innovative, well-resourced and offers high quality teaching and care
  • the time and space to learn according to their own individual needs
  • understanding of how your child feels and behaves
  • all the opportunities they need to achieve qualifications that will equip them for life
  • development of their social and daily living skills and their confidence when out and about
  • regular contact with parents, carers, friends, local authorities, other schools and professionals.

Robert Ogden School takes children with a wide range of abilities. It is very important to us that every one of them comes to see the school as a safe place where they can achieve and be happy. We will help your child to make the most of their skills and interests, and we will celebrate their achievements, great or small. At Robert Ogden, we work together to create a stable environment for your child where they can learn and feel nurtured, and where every family feels part of the team.

We offer full-time day places, starting throughout the year, as well as residential care to children and young people across the autism spectrum between the ages of 5 and 19. The aim of the carers in our residential homes; Clayton Croft, Thurnscoe House and Studios, is to provide a caring, close-knit team to support your child.

Whether your child is a day or residential student, our school is a place where their wellbeing is of primary importance. We have extremely robust safeguarding procedures and practices in place to support this. We firmly believe it is the right of every child to be healthy, safe and happy, and to achieve and make a positive contribution.

"I would like to say how good this school is. If I was anywhere else I would not be at the level which I am now. The school has done a lot for me not just the education but making me into the person which I am today."   James, School leaver