Our therapy team


How our therapists help your child

Our therapists are all based in the school and work side by side with the teaching and support staff.

Both in school and in our residential homes, your child always has the support of our therapy team, who will monitor their progress carefully. The job of our therapy team is to create an individual support plan for each child. This means that your child can rely on consistency and understanding, which we know results in greater trust, confidence and ability to learn key language and communication skills.

Our therapists run social communication groups for our secondary and sixth-form students. They also work with small groups and individual students who need extra help. The team supports you as parents, and often sends learning materials home. They train the other staff and keep everyone up to date with your child’s progress.

  • Our Educational Psychologist, supported by a Behaviour Coordinator works with children and the class teams to build a programme for your child to develop their behavioural and social skills. Everyone who works with your child will follow this programme.
  • Our Speech and Language Therapists, supported by a Speech Therapy Assistant, work out a programme of learning that focuses on social skills, understanding and listening skills, and run an emotional awareness group practising social and friendship behaviours. Many of our children are non-verbal communicators so each child is assessed using checklists which have been specially developed to be relevant to autism. A Speech and Language Therapist then works closely with your child’s teachers, the Educational Psychologist and Teaching Assistants and Residential Support Workers to develop your child’s communication skills. 
  • Our Advanced Occupational Therapist sets up sensory circuits which every child can access. The Occupational Therapist ensures that each child has a sensory profile. This is designed to help teachers and parents provide the best support to children in learning to regulate their emotions.

All our children are supported to learn key life skills, such as toileting and eating. And your child will be helped to learn a variety of daily techniques for keeping calm and promoting a feeling of being safe and in control. Our focus is always on helping your child to achieve emotional security and a measure of self reliance.


"One of the primary children ran into the communication room when he saw the symbol. He is really enjoying the sessions and making progress."

Lillias, Speech Therapy Assistant