Our special areas of expertise

A friendly, accepting environment

At Robert Ogden we specialise in autism. Our aim is to teach your child the skills they need to learn confidently and live as independently as possible in the future.

We aim to help your child enjoy their learning, whatever their capability. We know that this always allows children to make the best progress. We offer a wide range of qualifications, from entry-level literacy to post-16 vocational certificates. And most importantly, we aim to make our school a really good place to be for your child.

There are some children who need the dedicated support of a one-to-one relationship, away from the distractions of daily school life and other students. This is offered in our Inclusive Learning Hubs.

Find out more about our Inclusive Learning Hubs.

Encouragement and understanding

We understand the needs of children with autism. Our school offers a quiet, calm space for everyone to use in order to learn in their own way. We work in groups, for instance when we made a big colourful dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year, or we work individually, perhaps towards a Football Association Level 1 course for a football enthusiast.

And we have such a wide range of autism-friendly activities to offer. If your child enjoys an activity, their teacher or support staff will be on hand to support and encourage them.

Outside we have playgrounds with lots of different pieces of  equipment, rope swings, plenty of space to run, and a relaxing, calming sensory garden to sit in. Students have their own garden where they learn all the skills involved in growing and caring for interesting vegetables and colourful flowers.

Small, flexible classes

We keep to very small class sizes because we know that this is what is best for your child. The number of children or young people in each class will be between five and eight.

Most of our classrooms have attached tutorial rooms or break-out areas so that if your child wants to work individually, with support, they can.

We are extremely flexible about the way your child attends Robert Ogden. For example perhaps they need to get used to school slowly and attend part-time. We will get to know your child before they start at Robert Ogden, so that we understand exactly what care and support we need to provide.

"A remarkable and heart-warming environment ... we saw a lot of patience, kindness and friendliness during our visit."

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