When your child was diagnosed with autism, they didn’t turn into someone new. Your child is and always will be an individual person, with their own likes and dislikes, their own challenges and strengths, and their own way of being in the world.

That’s why at The National Autistic Society we’ve developed a way of working with children and young people that draws on many different approaches. It’s called MyProgress®.

MyProgress® involves us finding out all about your child by spending time with them, and with you. We ask how life has been so far, and what you hope for the future.

And then we create an individual plan for your child. It will help them to learn and live well with their autism. Every element of the plan will be specific to your child. It won’t be like their classmates’ plans, because we’ll choose approaches and strategies that match your child’s particular needs.

MyProgress® means that we’ll work with your child as an individual from the moment they join our school, to the moment they leave.

MyProgress® is The National Autistic Society’s overall strategy for working with children with autism. It encompasses the way we assess your child, the way we plan the support we give them, the way we work with your child day to day and over the long term, and the way that we make sure that we are giving your child the best possible opportunities to thrive and progress, by checking, monitoring and recording what we do together.

MyProgress® is our promise to you that we will always do our best to help your child to learn, develop and prepare for adult life to the very best of their ability.

Find out more about MyProgress® and the approaches we use in our schools.

"The school have worked with my child and myself and have achieved what others have failed to do in the past year. Best school in England by far"

A parent's comment - Oct 2014