Transition guidance and support

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Managing Change

To ensure that your child’s wants and needs are met as fully as possible during any period of transition we have a thoroughly prepared way forward. 

During their life at school your child will regularly meet with their teachers and support workers to communicate their views about their lives feelings and hopes for the future. We encourage them to share these hopes and to express preferences about the way they live their lives. 

These views will be recorded, usually on a transition passport which will be shared with professionals at Annual Review meetings assuming the child is happy to share. This means that anyone who works with them in the future will be able to read about their likes and dislikes and things that are important to them.  

Primary and secondary transitions

We always make sure that movement from one phase of your child’s school life to another is managed sensitively so that they can settle into their new setting easily. The staff that will be working with the child will see them in their current setting and then the child will spend some time in the new setting prior to transition. There will be discussions and a handover between staff so that key information is passed on effectively. 

Post 16 transitions

We are very experienced at preparing our older children for all types of transitions. Some young people will move into our Post Sixteen provision but for others a change of placement may be the best option. We will work with the individual and the family to identify which option best suits their individual needs, working with careers professionals and our own transitions coordinator. 

Post 19 Transitions

Transitions for young people on the brink of adulthood are also done on an individual basis, so you can be sure that your older teenager has individual attention. The transition coordinator will work with the careers advisor and the family and once a new placement has been identified the school will support with visits to the new establishment. It is always our aim to ensure that any transition is as seamless as possible and staff will work hard to ensure that all of the key information about your child is handed over e

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Robert Ogden School has links Hoylands House run by The National Autistic Society Adult Services particularly in relation to our enterprise projects.