How to make a successful online job application

We have now moved our recruitment process to being online. This has many advantages such as being able to apply for multiple positions without having to rewrite the same information. You can also receive job alerts when new vacancies are posted.

As we care for children and young people you are required to provide a full and comprehensive history since leaving school along with full details of referees. However, many applicants fail to do this, preventing us from shortlisting them. Below is a simple guide on how to make a successful online application.

Completing the online application

How to ensure your application is completed correctly.

Both the charity and the school take safeguarding very seriously and so both follow Safeguarding in Recruitment and Keeping Children Safe in Education, which require the full and proper completion of the following sections of the online application form by applicants. 


Academic/professional qualifications – please enter all the qualifications you have achieved at school/college/university – be aware that if you are successful we will require sight of them to verify that what you have stated in application is true.

Education – Not only enter in your compulsory education but any college/university education, day or block release from your employer.

Other relevant qualifications – please only include here the qualifications which are relevant to the job you are applying for.


This section is crucial.  We need to know your entire history from leaving school. So going backwards from the present date not only give us the details of any employment including dates, but also any of the following:

  • Any period of unemployment.
  • Any period where you were not working but volunteering. 
  • Any period where you were at college/university.
  • Include any period where you have worked abroad.
  • Any period you were in prison. Our positions are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

Supporting statement

This is your chance to shine! Please read the job description carefully and have a good look at this website and let us know why we should call you to interview. It is best not to cut and paste from your CV here without adapting it to the position you are applying for.


Again this is a very crucial part of the application stage because you will be working with vulnerable children and young people and we take safeguarding very seriously. So we will need:

  • A minimum of three referees.
    • One referee should be your current or last employer.
    • The three referees should cover the last five years.
    • If the three do not cover the last five years then extra ones will be needed.
    • If you have only worked for one organisation in the last five years the other two can be personal ones.
    • If you have not yet got five years' work history – as well as your current or last employer, a mixture of education and personal referees is acceptable.

Where you have worked with children (employed or in a voluntary capacity) at any time since you left school, we need referees covering these periods.

This is very important - we need full contact details for all referees. Failure to do this is the main cause of applicants having their start date put back.

Equal opportunities

We only need your date of birth, but it would help us with our monitoring if you could complete the other information requested.

What if I have a problem completing the application?

If you have a problem with completing the application you should in the first instance contact the technical support.


Finally, we wish you good luck with your application.