Lessons accessible to all students across school: All level of abilities and key stages access Enterprise as a lesson or with in other lessons such as Art or PSHE. Students learn to make different products/items to sell in the school shop. They learn the whole process from taking orders from customers, to buying resources, to the stages of construction, through to decorating, pricing and sales. Each class has a termly class project that suits their abilities to make items.

Students learn many vocational skills while taking part in Enterprise: They learn skills in Pottery, Horticulture, Renervation of old furtniture, Woodwork including: Bird boxes and insect homes, Crafts including: Candles, Cards, Soaps, Seasonal decorations.

Pop-up Shops: Students also help arrange and run pop-up shops in the local community, where they sell the products made in school. This supports their social communication and money skills with members of the local community and promotes the great work the students accomplish.
External Qualifications: Shows progress of individual students through vocational areas using SILSAF (SECONDARY INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK). Contributes to ASDAN Personal Progress and PSD awards and AQA Unit Awards.

Green Flag and Eco Schools: Following the schools green ethos throughout Enterprise activities students recycle and up-cycle items to sell and produce plants/fruit/veg in the poly tunnel. All these activities have contributed to the school achieving our Green flag award on 3 consecutive occasions.  We also contribute and have links with many local schools through the Dearne Valley Eco-schools initiative where we share ideas and join in group activities.
Promoting Enterprise: We have created a school Instagram page to promote and sell the products we make in enterprise lessons. We have professional craftsmen come into school to share ideas on how we can make different products e.g. recycling scrap metal and felt making. We attend work experience placements where we promote existing and new ideas for products for the school shop e.g. Hoylands House Farm shop.
Awards: The excellent work of the students was recognised when we won the Autisan Creative Enterprises award at the Autism Professional Awards. The trophy is in reception.

instagramWe now have an Instagram account where you can view all the latest enterprise products that the pupils make at school to sell in our school shop. Many of the products are sold under the Autisan brand, which came out of a collaborative project between the school and adult services in the north.




In the long-term we are looking to fundraise so we can construct a shop and café at the front of the school for visitors and the public.

Poster designed by one of our pupils to advertise one of the events.

Robert Ogden School Enterprise Policy

Local art festival