Autism Accreditation

Autism Accreditation is an internationally-recognised process of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people. Below is an extract from their latest report.

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Accreditation Award Panel Report 

NAS Robert Ogden School 31 January 2019

Summary of the latest report

"Students clearly make progress at Robert Ogden school and the fact that so many attend from previous placements of stress and non-attendance is testimony to the work the school is doing.

There is an evident passion, pride and commitment from staff to maximise chances of success for the students. This commitment is supported by a responsive and detailed CPD package.

Practice is supported by a strong and experienced site based Personalised Support Team who have an impact on CPD, assessment, strategy planning and delivery of teaching. There is a laudable commitment in adapting provision and understanding individuals to maximise outcomes in an empathic and responsive way.
As with all services there remains areas to review and improve on but in the opinion of the review team the students get a very good deal by attending this service."

See our full Accreditation report

This service is accredited by Autism Accreditation