Our learning environment

Our school is purpose-built for children with autism. It is the ideal place for your child to learn, be supported and feel safe. Our primary, secondary and post-16 departments are on one site, as is our residential lodge, so everyone here feels part of a close-knit school community. The departments are clearly separated within the school, however, so that children of the same age learn and play together in a suitable environment.

We are in a semi-rural area, two miles from Radlett town centre where the nearest shops and transport links are. Your child will spend plenty of time out and about, in Radlett and beyond. Being part of our community is extremely important to us, and you can read more about our community links online.

Primary and secondary

Our youngest children have their own large classroom and outside play area. They are well equipped, with soft play areas and lots of toys and learning materials. The outside play area is enclosed and has a play house, sand and water trays, and chalk boards.

All our primary classes open onto a playground that is just for our younger children. It has little fixed equipment, as we have found that the children learn to interact with each other more quickly without it. Each season we have a new play theme and bring out toys to support it, such as umbrellas in winter and windmills and bubbles in summer. We also have bikes, balls, and many other toys.


"The little ones have their own playground with a soft floor so they don’t get hurt."

Alan, secondary school pupil, Apollo class

In many classes, we have individual work stations, so that if your child finds it hard to work among others, they can have their own space within their classroom.  Each work station follows the TEACCH system and has a desk with shelves on three sides, and your child can store work, equipment, timetables and other prompts there.

All our young people have access to our large main playground. Here your child has plenty of room to let off steam, or perhaps to relax in our quiet sensory garden with its tipi. They can play in the playhouse, and climb, swing and stretch in our adventure playground. Play is vital for all our children, and we’ve created spaces to suit every personality and mood.

Indoors too, your child has spaces in which to relax. They can ask to use the chill-out room, for example, with its sofas, twinkling ceiling and rugs. 

At the centre of the school is our main hall, where we gather for assembly, do indoor PE and gym, climb the traversing wall, trampoline, and hold our Christmas show.