Residential care

boy pupil walking down corridor

Residential care

If your child has a residential place at Radlett Lodge School, they will stay in the Lodge, our modern, purpose-built home in the school grounds. Your child will have their own cosy bedroom, which they can personalise, and will share a bathroom with one or two other children.

The children come together for meals in the dining room, and relax and socialise in one of our three lounges, where we have comfortable sofas, televisions, toys and quiet areas.

The Lodge is a positive, caring environment where your child can develop and become more independent. It is your child’s home away from home, and we make it warm and welcoming with lots of time for play and leisure. At the same time, we help your child to build social and life skills and develop recreational and leisure skills. We do lots of activities in the Lodge, including music, art, craft, and games, and plenty more in the community, such as visits to parks, cafés, bowling, shops, youth club and sailing.
We work individually with your child and in groups: living with others is an excellent opportunity to learn about social skills both at home and in the community. Everything we do is tailored to your child’s age, ability and needs.

We use the same approaches we use at school in the Lodge, and your child will move seamlessly between the two. The learning support assistants and therapists who work in the Lodge also work in our school, so they will know your child well, and this is one of the ways we create our school's close family feeling. And of course, we always welcome you to visit, and keep you up to date with everything that’s happening in your child’s life. 

"The lodge is wonderful and my son is part of a family.  The staff have real love for him and he adores them."


You can read our Statement of Practice and Principles for our residential service online.

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