Our special areas of expertise

Boy counting on hand with teacher radlett lodge school

We’re autism specialists

At Radlett Lodge School we specialise in educating children with autism. Every member of our staff are highly trained in autism, and as a team we draw on an unbeatable level of expertise and experience.

The atmosphere in our school is a unique blend of warmth and professionalism. We nurture every child as an individual, and are imaginative and caring in everything we do. At the same time we are rigorous and systematic in our approach so that we know your child is always developing to the best of their ability.

No two children are alike, so we tailor your child’s education and support individually. Our expertise means that whatever challenges your child faces, we can draw on tried and tested approaches. We are patient, too. If, for example, it takes eighteen months for your child to feel comfortable walking into school in the morning, that’s fine. We will support your child every step of the way, and will never rush them.

We’re a team

Our teaching staff and therapists work side by side every day. We work as a team with your child in class, in the playgrounds, in the dining hall, in the corridors, in our residential service, in fact everywhere your child goes. We share our knowledge, ideas and observations, so that whatever is happening in your child’s life, we are here to support them, with a complete range of specialist skills.

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We look to the future

We want our children to be included in society so we have made links with schools, organisations and businesses and spend as much time in the community as possible. Your child will visit places of interest, join classes and activities in other schools or colleges, practise their daily living skills in town, and simply enjoy themselves doing their favourite things. When your child is ready to move on to the next stage in their life, we will work closely with you and your child, and our transition coordinator to plan a successful transition.

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We’re “Outstanding” but we always look for ways to do more

Ofsted says that every aspect of our school is outstanding, but we say that we can always find ways to develop and improve. So we contribute to research into autism. We’ve opened new units for children in early years, and for 16 to 19 year olds. We have developed ways to safely support our students as they interact with the online world. We’ve developed new tracking, planning and assessment systems to make sure we know exactly how your child is doing and what we need to do to help them further. Our school is an exciting place to learn and to work. Read our Ofsted report for all the details.


Our post-16 unit is completely personalised. There’s no set curriculum because we do exactly what each young person needs. Our thorough transition process means that you and your child can plan their post-16 education so that it provides exactly what they need to prepare for adult life. Read more about our post-16 unit.


Our children come from many cultures so we take equality and diversity very seriously. Our equality and diversity lead makes sure that everyone is fully included in our school, so your child will be helped to follow your family’s practices, and the team will understand your child’s culture. We reach out to community groups to spread awareness and understanding of autism, and we run regular training in our school.


"Radlett Lodge School always bends over backwards to meet Alan's needs ... He is now the child I always hoped he'd be."

Penny Johnson, Alan Johnson’s mum