Our local community

Boy with teacher gardening radlett lodge school

We love to live and learn in the real world

Though we love being in school, we enjoy taking an active part in the life of our community. Our youngest children get out and about every week, and the children in our post-16 unit take part in community activities most days.

Your child benefits hugely from the activities they do outside the classroom. Everything is designed to build your child’s skills and confidence, and to apply their learning to the real world. For example, your child might visit the post office. In the process of doing so, they will learn about writing letters and postcards, using money and interacting with staff, and when their postcard arrives they see the pleasure that communication can bring.

We have well-established links with a number of local schools and colleges. It is possible to attend a local mainstream school for specialist teaching, play football against other local special schools, play boccia and drink coffee with teenagers from a local secondary school, or take part in a variety show. A group of our students attend an ICT club in a local college, which not only builds their ICT skills but also gives them the opportunity to mix socially with young people of their age and to learn in a new environment.

Our older students are exploring the world of work, and we are creating more and more opportunities for them to have experience of employment, with links to local shops, offices and studios.

In our post-16 unit, your child will do a huge amount of their learning in the community. The activities they take part in depend on their individual curriculum, and we make sure we try new ideas. Our post-16 students at the moment are enjoying attending the local gym and leisure centres, going shopping, visiting cafés and restaurants, sailing, horse riding, dance classes, rock climbing, yoga, social events and trips to all kinds of places, from country parks to temples.