Residential care

Residential Life

We give our residential students a warm, friendly and supportive home. Our care staff members are fully trained and they and the children get to know each other well. If your child decides to stay with us they will move seamlessly from home to school each day with our continual support, and, of course, we encourage you to phone your child and to visit as often as you like.

Our residential house is near the centre of Gravesend. It has a garden that the children can always go out into to play or relax, a chill out space for relaxation, two lounges as well as dining spaces.

We’ve created a low arousal environment where each child has their own bedroom, and we encourage them to mix with the other children and staff in the living rooms and at meal times. It's the ideal place for young people to prepare for moving on to life after school.

Our home is opposite the river Thames, the bowling alley, Pizza Hut and Asda. The town centre, swimming pool and youth club are only a few minutes’ walk away.

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