The ethos of assemblies is to enhance pupils' world-awareness, reinforce British values and boost their confidence and self-esteem. There are three assemblies held every Friday. We have a Hub assembly, a school assembly and a primary assembly.

Assemblies cover a topic which is relevant to the time of year. This may include Mothers' Day in March to Fireworks safety in November, among others. In our assemblies, we present different awards and highlight the successes which pupils have achieved over the week. This includes special mentions, for pupils who have produced outstanding work and student of the week, where pupils receive a certificate and their photos are put up on the board.

Merit certificates are given where pupils who have accumulated enough merits over a period of time can receive a full award. Pupils' work which has been produced over the week can be shown to the rest of the school to promote a positive working environment and we allow pupils to come to the front and tell the rest of the school any news which is important to them.

The whole ethos of assemblies is to make pupils aware of different major events happening throughout the year, while constantly boosting pupils' confidence and self- esteem.

The Hub students plan and deliver their own assemblies, and this has gone from strength to strength, with students gaining confidence. Very carefully detailed assemblies are delivered and staff and students have all learned a great deal through this experience. Faith Weeks are incorporated into assemblies and our assembly rota is planned broadly to take into account learning about British values and social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects. Topics this year have included: Holocaust Memorial Day, Fairtrade Fortnight and a variety of different cultures and beliefs. Recently, an assembly was delivered on the important topic of e-learning.

In addition to this, the assemblies have been a really positive opportunity for reflecting on the week and sharing news. This has enabled students to celebrate with one another.

The assemblies conclude with wishes for pupils who have had birthdays over the course of the week.