Careers guidance

We believe that every child should leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. In addition to supporting academic rigour with excellent teaching, Helen Allison School provides opportunities for each student to develop the values, skills and behaviours they need to get on in life.

We provide a rich selection of classroom and extra-curricular activities that develop a range of character attributes, such as resilience and grit, which underpin success in education and employment. Our schoool also provides high quality, independent careers guidance which is crucial to helping pupils emerge from school more fully rounded and ready for the world of work.

We know that young people want and need to be well-informed when making subject and career decisions. Our young people are supported at an early age to identify suitable educational routes within which we help them develop skills the employers want to match the needs of local businesses.

To achieve this aim, we work with a range of businesses and services in the community to secure both independent careers guidance and set up opportunities for work experience in real settings in students’ own community that inspire and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

Our work to engage with providers in the community enables us to offer a range of opportunities across a broad and ambitious range of careers: real-life contacts with the world of work have opened up horizons and possibilities for our young people.

We've developed a strategy for our careers guidance that reflects our school ethos and promotes opportunity for all students:

  • At an early age, students' learning is related to career opportunities – all lessons and schemes of work have learning mapping to careers. We have identified where cross-curricular careers education occurs within whole school mapping.

We work with local colleges to provide a broad range of qualifications within Study Programmes that match future aspirations and promote high ambition. Our students study with our partner providers Hadlow College and North Kent College.

At this stage, we support students to identify work placements and they will spend an increased amount of time in Study Programmes, with the aim of, where appropriate, following internship, supported internship and traineeship models as they prepare to leave our school at the age of 19 and transition to the adult world.

We have built strong links with employers who can help to boost young people’s attitudes and employability skills, inform pupils about the range of roles and opportunities available and help them understand how to make these opportunities a reality.

We understand that contact with real employers, who are enthusiastic and passionate about their own careers, not only inspires pupils but also challenges pre-conceived ideas about jobs.

Having the opportunity to talk to people in those jobs and visit workplaces helps to build knowledge and understanding of the full range of careers available in a particular sector so that choices made at school are based on a clear view of the current labour market and how opportunities may change in the future.

To enhance our provision in relation to impartial careers education, advice and guidance, we also provide access to a range of activities that inspire young people, including:

  • employer talks
  • trips to Kent Choices Careers Fairs
  • motivational speakers
  • students and families are supported by Helen Allison staff to visit colleges
  • university links – research with the Institute of Research in Schools – we are linking with other schools to undertake research on Gaia Data
  • entrepreneurship – students have regular opportunity to work together on activities such as fundraising
  • Passports to Success – students complete these as a record of all extracurricular and enterprise-related activities they take part in as well as academic achievement and work experience activity. This is reviewed regularly with their tutor
  • Workshops are delivered by Medway Education and Business Partnership (MEBP), who support our students to build skills to become work ready. Workshops include STEM activities. MEBP have set up a range of work experience for our students with local businesses.

Projects we are working on with local businesses:

Read about our partnership with the Royal British Legion here, by clicking on the link below.

RBLI press release

Promoting opportunity and diversity

We understand that, for some of our students, there may be difficulties and it may provoke anxiety to engage with new people, so we use online tools that offer imaginative and engaging ways to encourage young people to think about the opportunities available to them. In order to provide such a facility, we recently purchased a subscription to UExplore for students aged 14-19, which they can use at home and at school.

This is an innovative, impartial careers guidance software programme that helps young people make informed choices about their career path; it is connected to live labour market information and course data, allowing users to create a personal profile which generates suitable destinations to explore.

We consciously work to prevent all forms of stereotyping in the advice and guidance they provide, to ensure that boys and girls from all backgrounds and diversity groups consider the widest possible range of careers, including those that are often portrayed as primarily for men or women.

We continue to monitor the progress of our students that leave us at 19 and are proud of their achievements. We look forward to receiving and sharing positive news about our alumni. Helen Allison School has high expectations of all pupils.

By having access to news from our inspirational role models, we aim to instil the values of resilience, goal setting, hard work and social confidence in pupils, encouraging them to overcome barriers to success.

We work with all involved around the young people to develop a smoother pathway between education and work. This can include multi-disciplinary teams, families, educational establishments, employers and our pupils.


We support students and families at visits to colleges, universities and workplaces which can help pupils to make informed decisions, helping them to progress successfully at key transition points.

We provide access to course information, open days and careers fairs to inform the decision-making process. We make sure pupils can find out more about the range of options available by giving other providers the opportunity to engage with pupils on school premises, to inform them directly about what they offer. Schools should ensure that the individual needs of all pupils are considered. 

For more information about the services mentioned above please see links below:

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