School policies and procedures

Luke Gorman

Helen Allison School has policies and procedures that set out how we work with you and your child. The links below will take you to the formal documents describing our policies and procedures. We are always happy to explain or discuss them with you.

National Autistic Society policies

Accessibility in Schools policy (currently not downloadable - updated document pending)

Admissions, remissions and exclusions policy: children and young people

Anti-bullying in schools and children and young people's service policy

Business continuity policy

Conduct Policy 2018

Complaints Policy 

Equal opportunities in NAS education services policy

Online safety policy

Positive Behaviour Support Policy 

Recruitment and Selection policy procedure

Safer Recruitment guidance

Safeguarding children (child protection) policy

Safeguarding adults policy 

Safe management of medication policy 

Sex education relationships policy

SEN policy 

Schools health policy

School Visits and Trips Policy

Transition Plans for Schools Policy

Use of restrictive physical interventions (RPI) policy in National Autistic Society schools and services

Whistleblowing policy and procedure

Local procedures

Accessibility Plan

Adverse weather procedure

Anti-bullying procedure

Attendance procedure

British values policy 

Charging and remissions policy

Home school communication procedure

Home school Agreement 

Medication Procedure

Missing child procedure 

Localised Safeguarding procedure 

Social media guidance

Statement of principles and practice

Teaching and learning procedure

Formal complaints 2018-19