Luke Gorman

Projects and research

When we work with your child at Helen Allison, we use approaches that have been tried and tested. We know they’re effective and will help your child because they’re based on sound research and evidence.

There’s always more to learn, and over decades we’ve explored new ways of working, in partnership with universities and other specialist organisations.

Most recently at Helen Allison we’ve been involved in two major projects.

The HANDS project is a European research project in which we are working closely with partners including other special schools in the UK, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark; universities in London, Hungary and Denmark; and two software development companies. The project’s aim is to develop software for smartphones that will help children and young people on the autism spectrum to develop social and self-management skills.

Find out more about the HANDS project.

Imagining Autism brought together experts in drama and psychology from the University of Kent with Helen Allison and two other schools, to see how performance can help children on the autism spectrum to connect with the world. Through drama and play involving puppetry, objects, light, sound and digital media, the team created a magical sensory environment in which children were free to dream and wonder, to lose themselves and explore, and, potentially, to find new ways to engage with the world around them. The interactions have been recorded, evaluated and developed into a methodology for activities that positively affect the behaviour of children on the autism spectrum.

You can find out more on the Imagining Autism project website.