Imagining Autism

Welcome to the Imagining Autism Project Page.

Imagining Autism is a collaboration between the disciplines of drama and psychology that seeks to remediate the difficulties that autistic children have with communication, social interaction and imagination. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is based at the University of Kent. Imagining Autism is a collaboration between the School of Arts, the Tizard Centre, the School of Psychology and the Gulbenkian Theatre.

The Imagining Autism introduction document gives a background to the project, with a summary of some of the follow up activities we have offered as part of our public engagement programme.

The Imagining Autism leaflet gives further information on the type of work and research that takes place as part of the Imagining Autism project. 

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Imagining Autism Introduction

Imagining Autism Remembered Letter

Imagining Autism Leaflet

For more information on the Imagining Autism project, please visit the site below:

Imagining Autism Website