Activities and Trips

Photo: Pupil Outside

Activities and Trips

Because school is all about preparing for adult life, we believe that your child’s education must take them outside school as much as possible.

We take our learning outside the classroom with weekly trips to help your child acquire independent living skills. If we’re studying religion, we’ll make visits to local churches part of our project. We’ll explore castles in History, and woodlands in Science. Our students join the local library, use leisure centres, eat, shop and get out and about in town. If your child loves sport, they can join one of our teams and play in local leagues and competitions, and if they have a particular interest, such as horse riding or climbing, we’ll help them to pursue it.

This year we have offered our pupils a chance to go on a camping trip, which involves spending two nights in cabins and exploring different activities which they have not done before. We have also gone to Carroty Wood which is an annual event for the school in which pupils participate in canoeing, archery and team-building games.

At every opportunity we engage with the community beyond our school gates.

When it comes to learning, if your child has a special interest or ability in a particular subject, they can follow it in one of the local schools or colleges with which we’ve built up strong relationships. Our older students also do work placements at a variety of local facilities, learning practical skills at the same time as building their confidence.