Residential care

boy laying on red pillow

Our residential service gives your child far more than just accommodation: at Daldorch they will find a place of safety and trust, as they will be among people who are as committed as you are to creating a welcoming home. We’ll help your child to build strong relationships and to share their home and school with others.

Your child will live and learn with their peers, so that their communication is well supported and they are with the young people with whom they feel most comfortable. Our curriculum runs 24 hours a day: everyone who supports your child will use the same strategies and approaches.

Each of our houses is home to four young people. Your child will have their own bedroom and will share a bathroom with others. The four young people in the house share its lounge, dining room and kitchen area, where they prepare some meals alongside the staff who support them.

Darvel House is for young adults aged from 16 to 21, and here your child will prepare for life beyond Daldorch, learning important skills and pursuing a range of more adult interests. Darvel House has its own grounds within the school campus. We provide a range of living accommodation including a two-person flat and a single bedsit alongside communal living facilities for four.

At evenings and weekends we run clubs and activities, encouraging your child to explore new interests and lead a healthy, balanced life.

In 2012, Education Scotland reported that our staff know our young people very well and provide a caring, secure and nurturing environment for them.