Our learning environment

Daldorch House School is in rural East Ayrshire, an hour’s drive from Glasgow. We are surrounded by trees, fields and open, hilly country and our school’s fine stone buildings sit in a wooded valley beside a huge green meadow. The river Ayr flows just beyond our boundary, and on its opposite bank sits the friendly village of Catrine, which our young people often visit on foot. Our 11 acre estate is beautiful, and our young people benefit hugely from its space and calm.

Although our estate is large, our school and residential buildings are close: living and learning at Daldorch are bound together, and we hope your child will feel at home and well understood here.


Our main school building is within a listed ex-mill owner’s house, dating from 1801. Here your child will learn in classes that are comfortable and individually designed: we arrange each room according to the pupils who will be learning in it.

Alongside the classrooms we have a sensory room with an interactive whiteboard that offers opportunities for pupils to access a range of software. We also have a soft play room, and a range of one-to-one areas.

Adjacent to the school building are our gym/assembly hall, a music therapy room (also used as an individual study room) the kitchen and school dining room.


Alongside the school buildings we have two play areas with ropes, swings, zip slides, obstacle courses and climbing frames. The play areas are for more than just play: here your child will learn to share, take turns and manage their behaviour in a positive way.

Several classrooms open onto their own outdoor areas. Each area has interactive play and learning panels chosen by the young people, and grass and a soft surface.

In our school garden your child has the chance to grow vegetables, learning about where food comes from as well as skills that they can take into adult life. We maintain our grounds to encourage wildlife and your child can go on bug hunts and enjoy the natural world.

Below the school is the Meadow, where your child can walk, run, cycle and even horse ride. We use the Meadow extensively, as our young people really thrive on the space and freedom it offers.


"We’re lucky the campus has so much space: it offers a calming environment for young people."

Jane Eaglesham, Lead Principal Teacher

The log cabin

For parents who come to visit from a distance, our log cabin has two bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an outside seating area.

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