Rainbows and puddles bring a little bit of sunshine to Daldorch House School

At the end of 2016, when winter was upon us and the weather bleak, thoughts turned to the New Year. 

After the festivities and celebrations around Christmas time, January can be a little uninspiring so we met with ‘Rainbows and Puddles’ to plan some outdoor learning. 

Pupils attended six sessions, during which they; cleared an old pond, built a walkway, a path and a chair and decorated the trees with ribbons.

They also worked on making musical instruments from wood and pipes that now adorn the trees.

A walk in the woods

Pupils were shown how to light a fire and how to keep safe. Planters and totem poles have been installed, ready to be completed during Autism Awareness week, when pupils can work with their parents and showcase the work that they completed over the six weeks.

Pupils were keen to engage in forest school sessions on a weekly basis. The activities gave them the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in groups.  Sessions were inclusive of all abilities and pupils had many opportunities to celebrate success.

Many thanks to David and Ross from Rainbows and Puddles whose enthusiasm for what they do certainly rubbed off on pupils and staff, our one negative about the experience is that it had to come to an end but, as with a rainbow, we have been left with our own little pot of gold...

Collecting logs 

To see more photographs from the day, please visit our gallery.

Jane Eaglesham, Lead Principal teacher