School life

Learning and growing together

There’s a powerful sense of community at Church Lawton School which we foster in our daily life as well as on special days.

We come together as a whole school in our Monday, Wednesday and Friday assemblies. On Wednesdays the children themselves lead assembly, sharing what they have learned with their fellow pupils. On Fridays we mark cultural and public celebrations, such as the Christian, Jewish and Hindi festivals of light, or the national VE Day commemorations, and consider how they reflect our British values.

We encourage our older pupils to spend time with our younger children in some PE lessons and breaktimes, and to help the very youngest pupils with their reading. All the children enjoy this and the older children develop a valuable sense of responsibility.

We are a small school and will have no more than 60 pupils, so we get to know each other well, value each other, and above all enjoy our time together.

“I’ve made new friends.” - Lewis