Vision and ethos

Pupil and teacher

Our vision, mission and ethos

An ambitious school for children with autism

Every child at Church Lawton School has the ability and potential to thrive academically. Our role is to give your child the resources they need to learn well, develop their skills, and become a rounded, confident young person.

Our vision

We believe that every child with autism should have the same, or better opportunities to learn as other children.

Our mission

We recognise and build your child’s strengths, teaching them learning skills that they can build on throughout their education and beyond. We help your child to minimise barriers, to understand their own challenges, and to develop strategies to help them through every stage of life.

We inspire your child about school and learning through our flexible and engaging curriculum. We help your child to acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for positive and sustainable life goals such as further study, employment and independence.

We encourage your child to achieve nationally recognised accreditations and qualifications. We use the very best teaching practice to give our pupils the ambitious and full education they deserve. We base our approach on The National Autistic Society’s 50 years of educational experience and research: everything we do is backed by evidence.

Our ethos

Our school is a place where all people are respected, achieve beyond what is expected, are empowered to make positive choices about their own lives, and have rich and varied experiences. Our learning is truly personalised and capitalises on each child’s personal strengths and interests. We make a positive, inclusive contribution to our community.

You can read more about the vision and ethos of the NAS Academies Trust on the NAS Academies Trust website.

“I have never come across a school that is as kind, caring and understanding about its pupils.” - A visiting parent